The Scrumble Story

Cast your mind back to the 90’s – The Soviet Union still exists, Bill Clinton is President of the United States of America and people still searched the Internet with Alta Vista. Meanwhile, in a sleepy little village in lower Bavaria, a computer game was born…

Developed in Turbo Pascal using Hercules Graphics, the graphical capabilities were pretty limited back in those days. But the core principle, the clever idea of moving adjacent parts was firmly in place. 

Years passed, the Soviet Union broke up. Bill Clinton retired. Google arrived on the scene and the little pascal game almost fell into obscurity. To this day no-one is sure on which 3.5” floppy disk it’s saved on, if that disk still exists at all.

The core idea of the little game lived on, however – and eventually reemerged, programmed in Java. Now it was possible to puzzle with image tiles as well as just digits and letters. The gameplay was rudimentary, levels were created randomly and weren’t particularly large. But it was a step in the right direction, to bring the little game into the modern world.

2017 – a decision was reached. To let the whole world participate it was time for a mobile version of the game, redesigned and reimagined for modern devices. With pre-generated levels with beautiful photographic backgrounds, a scoring system and convenience features like undo/redo that little game maximises on its can’t-put-it-down fun factor. 

Finally, _Scrumblers_ all over the world can compete to get that perfect star score!

Scrumble still isn’t a full-time job and there’s still more ideas and new levels planned. But thanks to some late nights in 2018 its launched on the Android and iOS App Stores – waiting to turn excited gamers of the world over into Scrumblers!

Stay tuned for the future 🙂